Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn, LLP, is a full-service law firm whose general civil practice serves our clients statewide, nationally and internationally. We maintain the right mix of professionals at every level to craft legal solutions that meet your organizational and personal goals. Our firm is a member of Meritas, a network of over 175 independent business law firms located in major cities throughout the world.

Since 1908, KDDK has been committed to providing the services you deserve to meet your legal needs, and our commitment continues into the 21st century. We use the latest technology, to produce quick, cost-effective responses that generate the highest quality work product.

At KDDK, our philosophy of effective representation has earned us our reputation of providing results-oriented legal services with high levels of client satisfaction. We provide legal advice with practical business sense, solve problems by considering fresh ideas, explore possibilities, and implement lawful methods for our clients to achieve their objectives.

Commitment to the best interest of each client drives KDDK attorneys’ ability to zealously try a case before a jury, structure a business deal behind the scenes, or perform any legal services in between.

KDDK attorneys practice the art of principled negotiation, an interest-focused, not personality-focused, side-by-side search for win-win outcomes. Using objective criteria as the measure of an acceptable agreement provides the procedural framework to attain concrete, real-world results and provides KDDK attorneys with the means to accomplish early contract settlements and savvy business deals, and to successfully litigate and settle difficult, complex lawsuits.

We believe in being well prepared, promptly responsive and sufficiently thorough, yet cost effective, in our legal analysis and performance of legal work. We realize that our clients need prompt responses and the quick turn-around of projects. We have a talented staff, high-tech information systems and software, an extensive law library, and on-line databases to enable us to better serve our clients.

We often work as a team to meet client needs, utilizing those attorneys with the expertise necessary for each individual matter. While many firms use an “eat what you kill” compensation structure, we believe clients are to be served, not captured for the sake of individual credit.  We direct our efforts in order to provide comprehensive legal services, with a view toward managing costs and accomplishing client goals.