How We Work

KDDK recognized that we have an obligation to our staff, to present and future clients, and to the community as a whole to be a law firm that strives for excellence.  We believe this obligation can best be fulfilled by focusing on and accomplishing three basic goals:

  1. To represent our clients effectively
  2. To be a good place to work
  3. To contribute to our community

At KDDK, representing our clients effectively means such things as:  Responding promptly.  Being well prepared.  Keeping clients informed.  Ensuring clients get copies of all letters and documents.  Giving practical advice salted with business acumen. Being sufficiently thorough yet cost effective in our legal analysis and performance of legal services.  Producing well-considered, well-written, easily-readable documents.  Being open to fresh ideas, facts and possibilities.  Being a deal maker – trying to find lawful ways of accomplishing our client’s objectives.  Being creative/innovative.  Lawyering within the bounds of our individual competence and working as a team with those lawyers in the firm who possess other legal knowledge and competencies.  Keeping abreast of developments in our areas of concentration and public affairs.  In all our dealings, being professional and ethical.  Going that extra mile for the client.  Achieving desirable results.