Acquisitions and Sales

Real estate contract forms contain more than just “standard” provisions, as is often believed.

These pre-printed forms are usually heavily slanted in favor of the party preparing or issuing the forms. In addition, pre-prepared forms are commonly ill-suited for the particulars in a given transaction, as every real estate transaction is unique and carries with it a one of a kind set of challenges and complexities.

KDDK attorneys are seasoned in real estate contract negotiations for sellers, buyers or lenders. Whether an executive’s home purchase or a manufacturing plant, KDDK’s real estate team uses every tool available to effectively and creatively pursue the client’s objectives.

We understand assembling and working with teams of surveyors, inspectors, brokers, and environmental and other consultants requires exemplary multi-disciplinary communications and coordination. Our independence from these consultants and the title insurance industry distinguishes us from other firms in the area, as this independence enables us to negotiate, without compromise, with title insurance underwriters. This distinction is crucial when dealing with the complex coverage exceptions, disclaimers and endorsements laden in modern title insurance policies, opinions and claims.