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Businesses Connected to Farming, Gardening, Etc. Permitted to Operate Under “Outdoor Activities” Clarification

Executive Order 20-22 - issued April 20, 2020, by Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb to extend the previous “Stay at Home” order to May 1, 2020 - includes a clarification of what "outdoor activities" Indiana residents are permitted to leave their residences to engage in, provided th...

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Business Operations Under Indiana’s Executive Order

In light of the current COVID-19 health crisis, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued an Executive Order requiring all individuals to remain at home unless they are carrying out essential business. This Order is effective March 24, 2020, through April 6, 2020, unless...

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Contract Disruption or Non-Performance

With the rapid increase in reported cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the United States and its recent classification as a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization, many questions have arisen regarding the applicability of force majeure, termination,...

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KDDK Prepared to Continue Serving Clients Amid COVID-19 Challenges

Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn recognizes the increasing uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. We are closely monitoring all health and safety guidance and related legislation being is...

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Free Legal Seminar: Labor and Employment Law Updates

Keeping pace with the barrage of labor and employment law changes is a constant challenge for employers. The experienced KDDK labor and employment law attorneys invite human resource professionals, in-house counsel and other management-side business leaders to this FREE two...

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