Business and Corporate Litigation

No matter how well you have structured your business, you can never predict the course your business and business partners will take, or the events your business will face. Sometimes, this leads to corporate disputes that must be litigated. Our attorneys have experience in all types of business litigation, including corporate dissolutions, shareholder disputes, and partnership disputes.

  • Commercial Claims: We regularly represents clients in a variety of complex commercial claims. Our attorneys handle cases involving the Uniform Commercial Code, corporate shareholder disputes, alleged unlawful lending practices, and alleged violations of consumer protection laws. We have represented large and small clients both before and during litigation. We understand that many businesses are accountable to shareholders, and we strive to help our clients make the most difficult decisions during commercial litigation.
  • Consumer Law: Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn counsels and represents clients in lawsuits under Indiana’s lemon law and federal consumer protection laws such as Magnuson Moss. We have expertise in litigating cases involving the Uniform Commercial Code and a number of consumer-based laws in both state and federal courts.

  • Contract Litigation: Whether it’s a construction contract, commercial contract, business contract, or personal contract, KDDK has experience with them all. Our firm has a rich tradition of representing individuals and businesses of all types in contract disputes ranging from the simple to the highly technical agreement. We often use alternative dispute resolution measures such as mediation and arbitration to resolve these disputes, saving our clients time and money. However, when these measures have failed or are not available, we have successfully advocated our clients’ interests through the trial and appellate processes.
  • Media and Public Relations: Lawyers at Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn counsel and represent clients who are faced with concerns about media coverage and public relations law. We provide necessary “damage control” to mitigate misleading press coverage when our clients are in the news. We also provide litigation expertise in cases of invasion of privacy or defamation. Our lawyers also have experience providing counsel to media clients on issues such as the confidential source rule, access to public records, and their constitutional right to free speech.
  • Shareholder and Partner Disputes: The attorneys at KDDK have represented individual shareholders, companies, partnerships and all sizes of corporations in corporate litigation. From closely-held corporations to multi-million dollar companies, we’ve worked to protect them before and during litigation.

  • Risk Management: In most instances, our clients are best served by avoiding litigation. We firmly believe in risk management programs which are designed to minimize lawsuits or enhance our client’s defenses should litigation be unavoidable. Our lawyers can help your business maintain best practices for risk management, workers compensation, insurance coverage, among other areas to help maximize your protection while minimizing your exposure to liability.

  • Products Liability and Toxic Tort: Indiana’s Products Liability Laws can be a minefield for a lawyer who is not familiar with their nuances. Manufacturers and sellers of goods face extensive potential liability and irreparable damage to their reputation and the reputation of their particular product. This area of law is a mainstay for our trial lawyers. We have defended manufacturers in lawsuits involving machinery, automobiles, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, hobby equipment, household appliances, toys, and a diverse range of other products.

  • Professional Liability: Being a professional means that you often have to use your judgment in making important decisions for your clients. At times, the professional’s judgment is questioned. When that happens, our lawyers can help. Lawyers at Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn represent doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects and engineers in professional malpractice claims.

  • Antitrust: Our lawyers have represented many different industries in a variety of private antitrust litigation. We work very closely with our clients to structure their business activities to avoid antitrust exposure, and when necessary, defend their interests in litigation.