Intellectual Property and Technology

Whether from competitors, predators or former partners, we’ll help you protect your intellectual property.

In this ever increasing and evolving technology-driven marketplace, the most valuable asset of your business may be its intellectual property.  We’re here to help you protect it.

KDDK attorneys are dedicated to providing counseling services for the creation, protection and enforcement of all of your intellectual property assets including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and your business’s web presence. Our intellectual property and technology team has substantial experience with the following:


We regularly assist our clients with the registration of and transfer ownership of trademarks at both the federal and state level. We also provide federal registration services for copyrights and can assist with domain name registration and website development. We actively counsel clients in the search and development of creative service marks, trademarks and domain names. We relish the opportunity to service our clients from inception of an idea to a well-known and established brand. We also recognize that speed is critical at this stage, and we know how to meet your tight service deadlines to make sure your intellectual property receives the attention it deserves to be the frontrunner in the industry. Through our unique global affiliation with Meritas, we are also able to effectively satisfy our clients’ international intellectual property needs.

Infringement and Enforcement

We regularly assist our clients with the registration of and transfer ownership of trademarks at both the federal and state level. Our intellectual property and technology team is ready to challenge and defend your business’s intellectual property assets should a dispute arise whether by sending a cease and desist letter or preparing for potential litigation. Clients often find themselves prosecuting or defending against copyright and trademark infringement actions. We have experience with navigating the administrative process to defend and enforce your intellectual property rights. And, while we are experienced in litigating infringement cases in both federal and state courts, we understand that sometimes your primary objective may also be to avoid expensive legal battles. We encourage and have been successful in resolving disputes through local alternative dispute resolution procedures (“ADR”) including mediation and arbitration of intellectual property matters.

Licensing and Other Intellectual Property Agreements

In today’s technology-driven economy, negotiation and preservation of copyright, trademark and trade secret rights are becoming ever more critical elements to your future competitive growth.

Our intellectual property and technology attorneys help protect and grow your business’s intellectual property assets including trademark, patents, copyrights and trade secrets by negotiating licensing and other agreements such as confidentiality agreements for product development to allow you to maximize the potential of your intellectual property assets for your business. By finding win-win solutions in licensing negotiations, we assist our clients in gaining the protection which garners them a competitive edge. Often, achieving an edge in your industry requires negotiation of trade secret contracts with the many parties involved in a creative work’s development, such as employees or distributors. The key persons and provisions in such contracts are critical considerations when dealing with intellectual property. We help guide our clients through the processes to ensure these considerations are taken into account.

Trade Secret and Non-Compete Agreements

Litigation in the area of trade secrets, unfair competition and non-compete agreements has increased significantly as businesses compete more aggressively for skilled, experienced employees. The KDDK labor and employment team has extensive experience in drafting and enforcing employment agreements containing non-competition, non-solicitation and confidential information restrictions. Our attorneys have significant experience in defending against alleged unfair competition and the alleged violation of agreements not to compete.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Maintaining your intellectual property is important. Failing to protect it could be devastating for your business. Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn has a highly specialized trademark and copyright practice. We understand that this type of litigation often requires emergency hearings and immediate response time. Lawyers in this group have effectively represented a wide variety of clients in trademark, copyright, unfair competition, and related matters.