Facility Relocation and Expansion

KDDK attorneys have assembled tracts of land ranging from 100 to 1,000-plus acres for large companies.

Our economic development attorneys have played a part in many of the Tri-State area’s most significant facility relocations and industrial developments, such as the Vanderburgh Industrial Park, AK Steel Corporation, Springleaf Financial Headquarters, Cresline Plastic Pipe Co., Inc. Headquarters, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana’s auto assembly plant.

Our goal is to assist companies considering expansion or a move to the Southwest Indiana region in obtaining a competitive advantage over its competitors across the United States. We accomplish this, in part, by exploring every tax deferral option available, including grants, income tax allowances, benefits and property tax savings.  Acting as leaders in most of the Tri-State area’s business and governmental organizations, KDDK attorneys stay keenly up to date on the Tri-State’s economic development issues.