Labor and Employment Litigation

Perhaps no area of litigation has grown in recent years as dramatically as employment discrimination.

Even with careful, proactive planning and implementation, workplace disputes arise and employers find themselves facing alleged discrimination that may involve age, gender, disability, religion, or race. Also in the balance is the management of fair practices concerning veterans’ rights, the implementation of workforce reductions and defending against alleged unfair competition and the alleged violation of agreements not to compete.

Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn has a team of litigators who have the skill to assist businesses of all sizes in all labor and employment litigation needs. We regularly represent employees before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a variety of state and local employment practices agencies, as well as state and
federal courts.

If a claim is brought against you or your company, your KDDK attorney will manage the litigation from beginning to end, guiding you through complex employment issues and working to ensure you are effectively represented. As a result, the lawyer will thoroughly understand the circumstances of the case and the steps needed to resolve the problem. 

Our team is experienced at creating and adhering to litigation budgets and we keenly understand the importance of regular communication with our clients. Defending clients in employment litigation should be both aggressive and cost effective. Because KDDK labor and employment attorneys are experienced with every phase of employment litigation, we can use our time efficiently and economically.