Medical Malpractice Defense

Facing a claim of medical malpractice can be a traumatizing experience for any healthcare provider.

With the typical jury award rapidly rising, along with the potential damage to one’s reputation, it is crucial to have a dedicated and experienced team on your side.

We work with a variety of healthcare providers, such as primary care physicians, various specialists, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, pharmacists, and many other healthcare providers and facilities.  We often coordinate the defense of these providers through their professional liability carriers.

Our team supports the carrier or provider during the entire medical malpractice claim process.  With few exceptions, a claim for medical malpractice must first pass through the Medical Review Panel, a board composed of three designated healthcare providers.  The medical review panel procedure is highly specialized, and our attorneys are prepared to best navigate this process.  In order to effectively defend the case and anticipate the opposing arguments, the KDDK team consults with a network of medical experts and utilizes the latest medical literature.

If an unfavorable decision is rendered by the review panel, or if a settlement is not reached, the KDDK defense team is prepared to defend the case through litigation in federal or state courts.  Our team is willing and able to zealously defend the case at trial.

Our attorneys stay informed about the ever-changing healthcare environment and the effects it can have on our clients. We understand the complexities of today’s healthcare systems and the dynamics of patient-physician relationships.  With the ever-increasing scrutiny of physicians, it is important to have a team at hand for advice before an actual claim is filed.  Not only do we provide counsel when a claim has been made, we also provide pre-litigation advice to healthcare providers when a potentially thorny situation arises.  Our goal is to provide solutions to limit liability and avoid future malpractice claims.