Natural Resource Regulatory Compliance

Mining and other natural resources development are among the nation’s most heavily regulated industries.

KDDK’s mineral law attorneys routinely provide our clients with thoughtful and knowledgeable advice on regulatory compliance and interpretation of laws; and assist clients in understanding and planning for the impact proposed legislation will have on their business.  There is no room for error concerning the drafting, interpretation, arbitration, and litigation of contractual arrangements regarding mineral and natural resource rights.

With more than seven decades of experience working with owners and operators in the Tri-State region, the KDDK mineral law team has positioned itself, and our clients, to play a significant role in the coal, oil, gas, solar and wind industries as the need for clean, economical energy increases.  Our experience equips us to recognize the pitfalls that can arise in the future of these long-term projects, to guard our clients against those pitfalls, and to preserve their opportunities for new and additional energy projects in the future.