The highly-specialized and ever-changing world of environmental law is our natural habitat.

Over the past five decades, KDDK has built a strong and diverse environmental law practice.  We take pride in providing effective, knowledgeable, and experienced representation for a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, and financial matters relating to environmental law.

We draw on such experience to help businesses, individuals and governmental entities prevent and resolve environmental issues.  We understand the difficulties our clients face in complying with the continuously changing regulations imposed by federal, state and local environmental agencies and strive to provide our clients with practical solutions for their environmental problems.

Environmental Litigation

Environmental law is one of the fastest growing practice areas in Indiana. With the breadth and depth of our experience, KDDK has one of the leading environmental law practice groups in the State of Indiana. When environmental issues must be tried or appealed, our litigators have the scientific knowledge and dispute resolution experience to successfully advocate our clients’ interests.