Construction Dispute Resolution and Litigation

KDDK attorneys have decades of experience working directly with project managers to avoid disputes.

Our team includes American Arbitration Association (AAA) Select Arbitrators and Fellows in the Construction Lawyers Society of America.  We work swiftly and cost-effectively to resolve unpreventable disputes that arise.  Our construction attorneys are experienced with arbitration, mediation, and other dispute resolution procedures commonly used to solve issues such as construction delay, defective material and workmanship claims. Our constant underlying goal is to help identify any issues early and address them promptly to achieve beneficial solutions, without the necessity of litigation.

In those instances when litigation becomes necessary, if mismanagement or unforeseen trouble threatens a construction project’s completion or financial feasibility, KDDK attorneys are well-equipped to swiftly and vigorously represent our clients in construction defect, delay, disruption, inefficiency, and change order claims.  We also have extensive experience protecting and enforcing contractors’ right to payment through mechanic’s liens and foreclosure lawsuits.