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Tax and Employee Benefits

Tax and Employee Benefits Law

Our tax practice has been one of our renowned areas of expertise since Isidor Kahn first opened his office in 1908. Our tax attorneys have substantial experience in federal, state and local tax matters.

Our tax team works to minimize the impact of taxes on our clients’ businesses while maximizing their economic return. Whether providing tax advice and assistance in planning transactional matters, representing clients in tax controversies, or employee benefit issues, we have a long history of providing practical advice.

Tax Planning and Transactions

Nearly every legal transaction carries with it significant tax implications. Members of our tax team work closely with our other practice areas, such as real estate, estate planning and business law services, to provide clients with a comprehensive, strategic plan to help reach your goals. We use our knowledge of the law in providing practical advice, while realizing that tax concerns are only one aspect of a transaction.

In working closely with our other practice areas, we design and structure “tax smart” transactions to take advantage of the use of tax efficient structures and utilize, where applicable, any appropriate tax credits.

Tax Controversies

Businesses and individuals are exposed to numerous types of taxes in today’s complex business environment: income, sales and use, payroll and employment, real property, personal property.

KDDK tax attorneys know the law and are adept at resolving or litigating tax disputes, whether before the IRS or state or local authorities. As attorneys, we can continue to represent you beyond the initial hearing stage and into a court of law, including the Indiana Tax Court, Federal Tax Court and Indiana Supreme Court.

Pensions and Other Employee Benefits

As the law changes and becomes more complex, employee benefits continue to be a point of emphasis and concern for employers and employees in both the public and private sectors.

KDDK routinely provides businesses with in-depth and knowledgeable advice on employee compensation and benefits, including issues involving retirement and health plan compliance, as well as other qualified and non-qualified employee plan issues, including 401(k) plans, profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, ESOP’s, deferred compensation, individual retirement accounts and annuity documents, Section 457 plans and other executive compensation plans, and employee welfare benefit plans.