Astound Broadband Outage: Can your business recover losses?

If you are one of the hundreds of Evansville-area businesses affected by the recent Astound Broadband outage in Indiana, you may have options in recovering losses due to the service disruption. Local businesses began reporting the disruption on Wednesday, May 4th after what an Astound spokesperson described as “an unexpected glitch” on their servers as they were migrating the WOW database to Astound. For many, the outages lasted several days.

As a result, businesses including restaurants, pharmacies, laboratories, nonprofits, and manufacturing locations reported vital services were lost. Employees could not clock in/out for their shifts. Point of Sale (POS) systems and online payment systems were offline resulting in handwritten orders and cash-only sales.

What is the true cost of the outage for area businesses and what can they do to recover their losses? Astound representatives indicated that they would work directly with their customers to provide a credit for service downtime. Loss of access to the service is just one area to consider. In addition, business owners can look to recover lost revenue, productivity, or inventory, as well as IT support or other costs related to recovery. You may also want to consider whether the outage has impacted your brand reputation or customer loyalty.

If your business has been negatively affected by this recent outage, please contact a member of our Business team for more information.

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