OSHA Interpretive Letter Causes Concern for Non-Union Workplaces

A recently-released OSHA Interpretive Letter raises concern for non-union workplaces by opining that workers at a non-union facility may designate a union representative as their representative during an OSHA inspection.

Currently, in a facility with a union, that union may designate an individual to accompany an OSHA inspector around the facility during an inspection.  As it pertains to non-union facilities, however, a number of employees may be consulted with respect to the inspection.  Those same employees may designate a representative on their behalf to accompany the inspector, but that has generally been a fellow employee.  In conjunction with this, there is some discretion on behalf of the OSHA inspector to allow a non-employee representative.  Apparently, under this most recent Interpretive Letter, this non-employee representative may be a union representative.

To read the full text of the OSHA Interpretive Letter on the DOL website, please click here.

Jake Fulcher

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