New Indiana Reporting Requirements for Employers Who Hire Minors

The standard has long been in Indiana for schools to issue work permits for students who are under the age of 18. However, starting on July 1, 2021, this will no longer be the case. Instead, businesses who employ five or more minor employees will now be responsible for tracking and reporting information regarding their minor employees via Indiana’s new Youth Employment System. Employers who fail to comply with this new requirement may be issued penalties of $400 per infraction.

Employers must ensure they register for the Youth Employment System, which can be found at Even though the requirement will not be enforced until July 1, employers may begin registration and the inputting of minor employee data immediately. As such, the Indiana Department of Labor is encouraging employers to become familiar with the Youth Employment System now before the new reporting requirement goes into effect next Thursday.

It should be noted that the reporting requirement will not impact Indiana’s work-hour requirement for minors, and all employers must still comply with the Teen Work Hour Restrictions and Prohibited and Hazardous Occupation restrictions for minors. For additional information on this or any related topic, please contact any of the KDDK labor and employment law professionals.

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