Energy and Natural Resources

We dig deep into client issues to find cost-effective, innovative solutions for the energy and natural resources sector.

Our energy and natural resources team works with individuals concerning the ownership, leasing, sale, and operation of mines, quarries, and wells.  Our firm represents both landowners and operators in investigating, preserving, and enforcing the rights to natural resources found in or on properties in the Tri-State region, including oil, natural gas, coal, and timber. 

Clean energy initiatives, financial incentives and technological advances are bringing new and varied solar and wind energy projects to the Midwest.  From roof-top solar arrays on commercial and industrial buildings to projects encompassing more than 2,000 acres, our attorneys are experienced in negotiating favorable agreements for property owners and securing safeguards to address the often-overlooked contingencies and property use complications these long-term agreements can hold.

Our attorneys regularly assist with transfers of leases and operations, investment ventures, mergers and acquisitions, mineral development, supply agreements, environmental assessments, and title preservation. 

With more than a century of natural resource development and prospecting in the Illinois Basin, mineral title ownership can be uncertain or difficult to track down.  Difficulties can arise in establishing current mineral title ownership when it has been sold, divided or changed hands over multiple generations.  Our team regularly represents our clients to prove and protect their mineral interests, both in litigation and out of court, when disputes arise.