Evansville Face Mask Order Revoked as Indiana Face Mask Mandate Takes Effect

On July 27, 2020, Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke revoked the executive order requiring the use of face masks within the city limits of Evansville, indicating instead that the city will comply with the statewide mask mandate issued by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb that took effect that day. The Governor’s executive order requires the use of masks for those ages 8 and above in public indoor spaces, on public transportation, and in outdoor public spaces when a six-foot physical distance cannot be maintained.

Also on July 27, the Evansville City Council decided to defer to Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order rather than enact a competing ordinance. Throughout the past month, the Evansville City Council has been contemplating enacting an ordinance that would require a face mask in many of the same locations as the statewide order.

Although there is no criminal punishment for violating the statewide mask mandate, local municipalities are able to impose stricter guidelines. Some City Council members suggested imposing a fine for individuals causing a disturbance for refusal to comply with the mask mandate. However, a final decision on this issue was postponed, and the City Council did not state if they would reconsider the matter in the future. If noncompliance issues arise, the City Council could reconvene and propose a citywide mask ordinance to address these issues.

For individualized guidance or more information regarding how the mask mandate applies to your specific workplace or situation, please contact your KDDK attorney.

* Makenzie Mehringer, KDDK Summer Clerk, contributed to this article.

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