Alternative Dispute Resolution

Resolving disputes without the emotional and financial costs of going to court.

Helping parties resolve disputes out of court, both before and after a lawsuit has been filed. Over the last couple of decades, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures have become a more common mechanism for resolving disputes between parties, without the need for litigation.  The recent prevalence of ADR procedures, such as mediation and arbitration, has made a significant impact on parties who wish to avoid the emotional and financial costs of going to court, as well as the long delays associated with litigation.

KDDK’s registered mediators and arbitrators have the experience and training to meet your mediation or arbitration needs, both before and after a lawsuit has been filed.  Our attorneys have experience in various matters including personal injury, construction, environmental, business contracts, employment, discrimination, harassment, EEOC, debtor-creditor, trusts, estates, will contests, worker’s compensation, and family law.

Using our knowledge and passion for ADR, we strive to provide the parties the best value in an expedient manner.  KDDK attorneys have been early adopters and graduates of The Harvard Negotiation Project’s principal negotiation methods, now widely used in dispute resolution globally. In addition, our ADR attorneys receive regular training and certification in the growing field from the American Arbitration Association and State and American Bar Associations.

When the best, or perhaps only, way to resolve a dispute is through the courts, KDDK stands ready with a team of litigators with experience, expertise, and grit.