Education and Schools

Broad experience to counsel educational institutions and corporations on the wide-ranging issues affecting the education industry.

We assist public and private schools, school corporations and universities in navigating state and federal regulations. We also advise educators on student discipline, due process and procedure, funding and fundraising, and employment matters. We are experienced in answering educators’ day to day questions, as well as handling and solving those disputes that require complex litigation.

When constitutional issues, First Amendment, ADA, Title IX, and Title IV questions arise, KDDK’s experienced team collaborates with you to solve the matter as quickly as possible. We have advised on matters ranging from hiring to tenure and developing staff and student school handbooks to enforcing policies and procedures in handbooks.

We understand that as educators, the demands on your time and resources are many and that your most important focus is education. The education law attorneys at KDDK advise public and private schools and universities efficiently but also thoroughly. Having represented some of our clients for well-over fifty years, we are accustomed to being an educator’s partner on the front lines of the ever-changing landscape of policy, procedure, and social norms that you work within every day.

In addition to our education law attorneys, KDDK’s experienced lawyers in labor and employment, construction, real estate, and intellectual property are also available to collaborate on those educational issues that cross over into these practices and require a more specialized approach.

Title IX Investigators and Adjudicators

Let our Title IX Team assist your Title IX Coordinator by conducting a dependable and impartial investigation or adjudication of allegations brought at your college or university.

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that is part of the Education Amendments of 1972.  Title IX prohibits sex-based discrimination and retaliation in education. Although Title IX is most known for its application to athletic programs, the law applies to any education program or activity that receives Federal financial assistance.

Title IX protects students from sexual harassment and sexual assault. Under Title IX, educational institutions are required to safeguard students and to ensure that student victims of sexual misconduct remain an active part of the school and continue to enjoy the benefits of, and participation in, educational, athletic, and other extracurricular activities.

Upon receiving knowledge regarding any Title IX-related misconduct, schools must take immediate action to remove the harassment, manage the outcome, and prevent the harassment from occurring again in the future. To do this, academic institutions are required to have written policies and procedures in place to facilitate student complaints regarding sexual misconduct and to investigate the grievances promptly, objectively, and thoroughly.

The mission of all colleges and universities is to facilitate an atmosphere of learning, safety, and opportunity. When discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other misconduct occurs and hinders an institution’s ability to carry out this mission, it is crucial that the situation be handled properly by those with training and experience.  Our KDDK Title IX Team understands Title IX investigations require sensitivity and can be quite complex.  We have the background and experience to meet each client’s unique needs and to perform a fair and impartial investigation or adjudication.