Producing results for manufacturers has been at the very core of KDDK’s existence for more than a century.

Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn is located along America’s Central Ohio Valley, putting us at the heart of the world’s leading manufacturing corridor.  Many of this region’s modern manufacturing facilities have been built from concept to full production under the watchful consultation of KDDK attorneys.

From this region’s origins in furniture we have grown to serve today’s largest advanced manufacturers in plastic polymers, automotive and components, pharmaceuticals, printing, aluminum, steel, food processing, agricultural, and energy generating facilities. This region’s manufacturers are among the USA’s largest exporters of goods.

KDDK’s scope of work is also made global via our independent affiliation with Meritas, which is among the largest invitation-only worldwide affiliations of 7,500+ business attorneys in 97 countries who operate under over 10,000 rigorous peer-conducted assessments this decade, all at competitive rates, generally well below NYC and Chicago based global firms. Not a day passes that we are not in negotiations all around the globe on all aspects of manufacturing.

Specific examples of our concentrated work for manufacturers includes:

  • Negotiating purchasing, supply, and general business contracts
  • Facilitating real estate development and site selection
  • Securing employment contracts and resolving labor and unionization issues
  • Ensuring environmental health and safety regulations are being met
  • Facilitating dispute resolution and pursuing and defense in litigation
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions
  • Pursuing insurance claims and risk avoidance
  • Regulating the disposal and recycling issues associated with waste streams
  • Seeking permits and necessary licensures
  • Resolving tax incentives for economic development and expansions