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By : Olivia Robinson

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Employer Record Retention Requirements

A new business year is a time when employers start purging files, digital and paper.  Questions often arise as to what records a business is required to keep and for how long.  When it comes to destroying employment-related records, what needs to be retained goes beyond the ...

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FMLA Forms Reissued With New Expiration Dates

Recently, the Department of Labor reissued seven Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) forms. These forms now have an expiration date of August 31, 2021. The reissued forms are:

  • WH-380-E, Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition;
  • WH-380-F...

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Senate Confirms John Ring To NLRB

The U.S. Senate has confirmed John Ring, an attorney at Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP, by a 50-48 vote to fill the only remaining vacancy on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The board now consists of three Republicans and two Democrats. With a Republican majority on the board, practitione...

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Employee Options When Employer Fails to Issue W-2 Form

Employers have a legal obligation to provide employees a Form W-2 stating the employee’s wages and withholdings for the year by January 31 of the following year. This obligation remains even when an employer has closed its doors and ceased operating. Employees should confirm that their ...

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BREAKING: Obama Administration’s New Overtime Rule Struck Down

A Texas federal judge today (August 31, 2017) struck down the Obama administration’s controversial rule amending the salary requirements for employees eligible for overtime pay. The rule increased the salary requirement of $23,660 annually (or $455 per week) for those falling under the administrativ...

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Military Transgender Ban Will Not Likely Impact the Workplace

President Donald Trump announced via Twitter last week that transgender individuals are no longer permitted to enlist or serve in the military. Although this ban is only applicable to the military, employees and employers are concerned of its impact on the workplace. According to the U.S. Bureau ...

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BREAKING: 7th Circuit Ruling Gives Title VII Protection to Sexual Orientation

The Seventh Circuit just became the first federal appellate court in the country to extend Title VII protection to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The decision was issued today in Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College. In Hively, the plaintiff was a part-time a...

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BREAKING: Federal Judge Blocks FLSA Overtime Rule

On November 22, 2016, a federal judge from the Eastern District of Texas issued a preliminary injunction against the Department of Labor’s new federal overtime rule. This preliminary injunction will be enforced nationwide. The new overtime rule was set become effective on December 1, 2016, and it...

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Court Permanently Blocks Department of Labor’s Persuader Rule

On November 16, 2016, a federal judge from the Northern District of Texas issued a permanent injunction barring the U.S. Department of Labor from enforcing its new "persuader rule." The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA), 29 U.SC. § 401 (2006), et seq., passed in 1959, amended ...

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