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Intellectual Property

Victory for Designers and Builders in Copyright Case

  A recent decision out of the Southern District of Indiana, Design Basics, LLC et al. v. Kerstiens Homes & Designs, Inc., et al., Case No. 1:16-cv-00726, struck a blow against an architectural design company and marked a victory for builders and home designers. Kerstiens Hom...

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What is in a name?

Businesses invest substantial amounts of time and money in developing name recognition and goodwill in their products and services, and protecting the same.  Two Indiana businesses, Family Express Corporation and Square Donuts, Inc., have been embroiled in a dispute for nearly a decade over which en...

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Federal Trade Secret Protection with DTSA

On May 11, President Obama signed the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) of 2016, providing a federal cause of action for misappropriation of trade secrets. Until now, companies suing to defend their trade secrets had to resort to state courts. While most states have laws protecting trade secrets, outc...

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Happy Birthday to All via Public Domain

A lawsuit that had challenged music publisher Warner/Chappell's rights in its claims of copyright ...

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Navigating Trade Secret Law in Indiana

Trade secrets are important and valuable assets of a business operation. In Indiana, trade secrets are protected by the Uniform Trade Secrets Act pursuant to Indiana Code § 24-2-3-2, et seq. Trade secrets are generally defined as information that derives its independe...

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Jury Finds Samsung Infringed on Apple Patents; Awards Over $1 Billion in Damages

Recently, after a complex three-week trial involving more than a dozen different patents, over 30 allegedly infringing devices and wide-ranging claims on utility, design ownership and trade dress, a federal court jury in the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung found mostly in favor of Apple, including...

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