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Labor and Employment

Labor and Employment Law

Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn has a long history of helping employers shape effective, lawful policies and practices so that their resources can be spent on planning for the future rather than defending past decisions. In fact, KDDK was the first law firm in this region to establish a practice focusing on labor law, with founding partners Harry Dees and Arthur Donovan involved in significant cases in the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s that affected the development of early labor laws.

Today, KDDK represents employers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, including hospitals, universities, financial institutions, manufacturers, wholesalers, specialty printers, food and beverage distributors, construction companies, retailers, and more.

Employment Planning, Compliance and Training

Every employment decision involves a tangle of competing policies, laws and regulations. KDDK helps employers develop policies and practices that will enable effective human resources administration. We regularly represent employees before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a variety of state and local employment practices agencies.

We have long been recognized as creative and effective human resources trainers. Instruction on wage and hour compliance, sexual harassment avoidance, jury friendly termination, and union avoidance all are areas of focus for the labor and employment team. The training is enhanced by the use of videos, concise written material and instructors who understand that good teaching material is only effective when the trainer creates an environment that engages its audience.

Union Election Campaigns

For decades, KDDK attorneys have handled union representation election cases from the pre-election stage through post-election procedures, including unfair labor practice hearings and the review of administrative decisions by the federal appellate courts. We have assisted clients in winning hundreds of representation elections.

Labor/Management Relations

For clients whose employees are represented by unions, we assist in contract administration, negotiation of new collective bargaining agreements and labor arbitration. Our clients also look to us for advice concerning strike preparation, strike-picketing control and the decertification election process. KDDK labor and employment attorneys have backgrounds in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, printing, food and beverage distribution, transportation, and the wholesale trade.

Trade Secrets, Issues of Employment and Unfair Competition

Litigation in the area of trade secrets, unfair competition and non-compete agreements has increased significantly as businesses compete more aggressively for skilled, experienced employees.

The KDDK labor and employment team has extensive experience in drafting and enforcing employment agreements containing non-competition, non-solicitation and confidential information restrictions.

Our attorneys have significant experience in defending against alleged unfair competition and the alleged violation of agreements not to compete.

General Human Resources Guidance

KDDK labor and employment attorneys provide guidance on a wide range of human resources issues, including:

  • Fair treatment of employees
  • The creation and review of employee handbooks
  • Advice concerning Title VII, COBRA, the ADEA, the ADA and the FMLA
  • The WARN Act
  • Retirement benefit plans
  • Wage and hour issues
  • Workplace safety concerns
  • Affirmative action planning
  • Substance abuse testing
  • Maintaining a union-free environment

In these areas we represent hospitals, universities, financial institutions, manufacturers, wholesalers, specialty printers, food and beverage distributors, construction companies, and retailers.

Employment Litigation

Even with careful, proactive planning and implementation, workplace disputes arise and employers find themselves facing alleged discrimination that may involve age, gender, disability, religion, or race. Also in the balance is the management of fair practices concerning veterans’ rights, the implementation of workforce reductions and other sometimes-difficult issues.

When a KDDK lawyer is assigned to a workplace dispute case, he or she manages the litigation from beginning to end. As a result, the lawyer thoroughly understands the circumstances of the case and the steps needed to resolve the problem.

Our team is experienced at creating and adhering to litigation budgets and we keenly understand the importance of regular communication with our clients. Defending clients in employment litigation should be both aggressive and cost effective. Because KDDK labor and employment attorneys are experienced with every phase of employment litigation, we can use our time efficiently and economically.